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Exclusive tuning and modding watches and phones Tag Heuer. As well as designer accessories.

* All phones, smartphones and watches are based only on the original models Tag Heuer -

- Restyling, manufacture and repair all models of clocks and mobile phones Tag Heuer.
- Housing and decorative elements phones and watches made ​​of gold, platinum, silver, wood, carbon fiber, leather etc.
- Finishing of the phone skin luxury-class, genuine exotic leather hand-made.
- Exclusive production straps made of exotic leather and precious metals for all models of watches Tag Heuer.
- Handmade manufacture covers, cases and handbags handmade leather for all models of phones Tag Heuer.
- Crocodile, python, cobra, lizard, iguana, stingray, eel, ostrich, shark, frog, fish, elephant, hippo etc.
- Inlay unique phones and watches tag heuer of precious stones, diamonds, sapphires, rubies etc.
- The application of commemorative inscriptions, initials, company logos and other customer feedback.
- Only to individual orders and customize handmade by Art Studio MJ.

Tuning and restyling any phones and watches Tag Heuer.
Replacement of the skin, polishing, customizing, repair, engraving, inlay, personalization ...

Making design luxury accessories for phones Tag Heuer with personalization.
Belts, wallets, key chains, watch straps for Tag Heuer, cell phone cases for Tag Heuer made of crocodile leather.
Any product can be inlaid initials, emblem, coat of arms or any other sign of gold or platinum.
Bridal Sets -, covers -, purse -

Tuning and restyling of the original ( branded ) watches Tag Heuer.
Making watch straps from any exotic leathers . Polishing and gilding buildings.
It is also possible the fabrication of watches and strap - cast from gold, white, yellow or pink.
Luxury watches and handmade accessories -

Manufacture, repair, recovery watchstraps for all models of Tag Heuer watches, and other brands.
For the manufacture of straps used only genuine exotic leather premium
It is also possible the manufacture padlock and accessories made of precious metals.
Catalog Deisgn Watch -

Exclusive edition Tag Heuer branded phones from MJ
Original phone from carbon and leather decorated newest alloy gold 777 - carat and unique diamond DNA.
MJ Customize Tuning Mobile Phone Tag Heuer Racer Limited Edition
See also catalog copyright phones from MJ -

Elite range of accessories from genuine python leather and gold.
Phone Case for Tag Heuer as well as wallet and belt in the same style.
See also catalogs of design cases for phones catalog luxury belts and wallets   &   &

Facelift original watches Tag Heuer
Luxury watch customize manually and individual orders.
Housing is made of a unique alloy of gold and platinum 777- th sample.

Making straps of gold. metals for hours TagHeuer and other brands.
Lanyards are available in any size and models of gold, palladium , silver, platinum ...
See also catalog luxury watches and straps handmade -

Inlaid with diamonds hours TagHeuer any models and other brands.
Decor is a real classic and fancy diamonds, emeralds , rubies, sapphires ...
It is also possible the fabrication of gold jewelry of any color - pink, red , white , light green , gray ...
Gold on request may be any sample 585, 750, 777, 888, 999. From 14 to 24 carats.
Catalog of copyright tuning hours any brand of art-studio MJ -

Exclusive accessories for appliances Tag Heuer.
Case for mobile Tag Heuer of natural mink fur , pony , llama, fox , sable ...
A flash drive is also made ??of valuable wood , Karelian birch framed by precious metals.
See also luxury catalog covers - and unique flash drives -

Exclusive Mobile Phones Tag Heuer in platinum 950th or 999th sample.
Also available for individual orders of gray buttons with gold inlaid with colored diamonds.
Catalog modding of art-studio MJ -

Unique sets of VIP accessories for true lovers of luxury.
Cell Phone Case for Tag Heuer or other brands, belt, purse, usb flash drive 512gb, key chain and other accessories.
All items are performed on individual orders from exotic leathers - stingray, crocodile, alligator, cobra, elephant etc.
All kits complete any accessories on request. Each set of items 3 to 15.   &  &  &  &  &

Exclusive Keychain and Mobile Case for Tag Heuer.
Cases for mobile phones and key fobs are issued only for individual orders.   &

Vertical Case with fastening on crocodile leather strap with customize initials.
VIP Seat Covers are available for all models of phones and smartphones Tag Heuer and other brands.
Exclusive Cases & Covers for Individual Order -

Glamorous sets of leather accessories cobra , complete case for phone Tag Heuer.
Individual orders issued covers all phones TagHeuer and other brands.   &   &   &

Hard case for phone and flash drive keychain alligator framed in gold.   &   &

Luxury belt and carrying case for Tag Heuer Phone, Made of leather sea snake   &

Leather cases for all models of phones and smart phones Tag Heuer and other brands.
Covers are available from exotic leathers for individual orders of all sizes and designs.
Cases for Tag Heuer Meredist, Tag Heuer Meredist Diamonds, Tag Heuer Meredist Black PVD, Tag Heuer Fuchsia GMT,
Tag Heuer Link, Tag Heuer Gulf Meredist, Racer, Tag Heuer Stainless Steel & Rose Gold and any other modifications ...
vip housings and covers handmade -

Replacement of the skin on smartphones and phones Tag Heuer.
To replace the skin applied only first-class exotic skins :
crocodile , caiman , alligator , python , karung , iguanas , monitor lizard , elephant, cobra , ostrich, shark , sea snake , eel , stingray ...
In Art Studio MJ presented more than 5,000 different types and colors of skin -

Cases for smartphones and communicators TegHoer Flight Limited Edition and other modifications .

Purse and Watchband Tag Heuer leather blue fish Queens.
According to preliminary orders issued accessories from various types of exotic skin
Genuine Fur & Leather - Crocodile, Alligator, Python, Fish, Stingray, Shark, Cobra, Iguana, Lizard, Sea Snake, Hippo, Elephant,
Caiman, Giraffe, Buffalo, Bison, Calf, Pony, Sable, Mink, Sand Shark, Frog, Ostrich, Toad, Sea Eel, Bird Leg, Karung, Boa, Viper, Anaconda ...   &

Customize & tune covers handmade from smooth Italian leathers.
Leather calf, buffalo, bison, deer, kangaroo, giraffe, and other species.
Individual orders inlay state emblem, star sign and other symbols.
Catalogue covers unique handmade -

Watchband Tag Heuer and other brands, 128GB flash drive keychain and wallet card holder / credit card cases .
Everything can be done in the same style of exotic handmade leather .   &   &

Local strap, pouch for smartphone and cover documents (passport).
The entire set is made in the same style of iguana skin for hours and smartphones TAG HEUER.
Individual orders issued in any colors and any phones and watches.   &   &

Replacement skin facade , the inner lining of branded Tag Heuer covers
Restoring any original covers and accessories Tag Heuer

Facelift any models of Tag Heuer watches and other companies.

Exclusive Handmade Watch Band for Tag Heuer & Other Brands
Making watch straps for all models of hours TagHeuer and other brands.
In Art Studio MJ represented a huge range of different colors and types of leather for straps   &

Repair straps and watch cases Tag Heuer and other brands

Watchband and case for phone tag-heuer from ostrich leather armor-clad .  &

Exclusive set of belt, shoes and watches Tag Heuer.
All products are made of crocodile skin and their fittings pure gold.
Individual orders possible production of accessories all colors and sizes.   &  &

TAG Heuer Link Full Rose Gold 888 Black Alligator Leather by MJ Customize
Tuning any Tag Heuer phones for individual orders.
Polishing, gilding, replacement parts needed , replacement of the skin to the new ...

Cases handmade. Only for individual orders.

Tag Heuer Diamond MJ Limited Edition - Brilliant and Gems Inlaid

Mobile Phone Cover Genuine Sea Eel Silver Leather for Tag-Heuer Phone

Customize Modding and Tuning Elite Watch Tag Heuer - Genuine Alligator Watchstrap

Tailoring straps for individual orders for all models of hours
In the production applies only genuine exotic leather .
MJ Exclusive Handmade Luxury Watch Bands Exotic Leather - Crocodile, Caiman, Sea Snake, Polished Stingray

Phone Cases Tag Heuer and other brands.
Sewing slipcovers for individual orders from MJ

Tag Heuer Customize Exotic Leather Edition
Crocodile, Alligator, Python, Stingray, Ostrich, Sea Eel, Cobra, Hippo, Elephant etc

Exclusive covers, key rings and other accessories for individual orders by MJ   &




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